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  • High performance professional DC protein skimmer
  • Cone-shaped body for optimum air-to-water contact
  • Designed for aquariums up to 500 l
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What is the TMC REEF-Skim DC?

The TMC REEF-Skim Pro DC range is made up of advanced in-sump protein skimmers for removing organic waste from your reef or marine tank before it breaks down and produces ammonia. Each professional protein skimmer has been developed specifically by marine specialists and boasts a suite of features to make precision adjustment and maintenance easier than ever before. As with all TMC Reef-Skim models, these skimmers use the patented needle wheel injection system to ensure optimum foam consistency and an optimum flow rate. The skimmer range can handle aquariums from 300l up to 2000l so there's a skimmer to suit all sizes of marine tanks.

What are the benefits of the protein skimmer?

The REEF-Skim Pro is a professional protein skimmer incorporating many cutting-edge features. You can enjoy precision adjustment with the innovative air intake silencer, designed for optimum performance, it's ozone compatible and can easily be attached to an ozone generator. Looking to the top of the skimmer, the large, easy-to-remove collection cup with drain system has been designed for quick and effortless maintenance. 

The skimmer is controlled by a DC pump controller, offering variable speed control as well as complete control over water flow, allowing you to create the perfect micro fine air bubbles. The micro-fine air bubbles are then enhanced by the entire skimmer column as it ensures the optimum water-to-air contact time, while the diffusion plate guarantees uniform dispersal for optimum skimming.

What's the difference between the skimmers in this range?

Every protein skimmer in this range has the same high-performance design and features. The only difference between each model is the size of the hardware and the volume of the tank it can be used with. The smallest TMC REEF-Skim Pro 300 DC can manage a 300l tank while the largest TMC REEF-Skim Pro 2000 DC can manage a 2000l tank. 

How do protein skimmers work?

Sometimes called foam fractionators, protein skimmers are powerful pieces of aquarium hardware that use a venturi pump to create lots of bubbles to remove organic waste. The micro-fine air bubbles attract organic waste in the water and move it upwards to the collection cup as 'dry foam' where it overflows. This process creates a brown waste liquid, called skimmate, that can be disposed of during maintenance, while the clean water flows back into your sump.

What is an in-sump protein skimmer?

All of the REEF-Skim Pro DC protein skimmers are designed to be used in a sump located beneath the main aquarium. In-sump protein skimmers are preferred by most reef and marine keepers as they are easy to conceal and won't disturb the aquascape above.



Brand TMC
Guarantee 1 year


Product Tank size Max air flow Dimensions
REEF-Skim 300DC 300l 250lph L:140 x D:110 x H:445mm
REEF-Skim 500DC 500l 300lph L:185 x D:165 x H:435mm
REEF-Skim 1000DC 1000l 800lph L:210 x D:200 x H:510mm
REEF-Skim 1500DC 1500l 1200lph L:235 x D:215 x H:535mm
REEF-Skim 2000DC 2000l 2500lph L:290 x D:280 x H:595mm



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