D&D Clarisea Fleece Filter

Enjoy crystal clear aquarium water

At a glance...
  • Professional pre-assembled aquarium fleece filter
  • Effectively removes suspended particles
  • Offers highest possible filtration efficiency
My D&D fleece filter has only been running for a couple of days and the water clarity in my tank has improved substantially.

What is the ClariSea Fleece Filter from D&D

The ClariSea Fleece Filters are a range of efficient water filtration systems made from a phosphate-free fleece material. They effectively remove suspended particles such as microalgae, detritus, food, organic waste and gravel dust from the water column. Pre-assembled, they’re suitable for use in marine aquariums, freshwater aquariums, fish-breeding systems and propagation systems for corals.

What are the benefits of using these aquarium filters?

D&D’s ClariSea Fleece Filter eliminates the need for high maintenance filter socks and provides brilliantly clear water. By using a fleece filter, you will ensure the highest level of filtration for optimal light penetration and growth of your corals and plants. Detritus and organic waste in your aquarium are continuously cleaned from the water column, aquarium substrate, and sump, thus preventing the breakdown of nitrate and phosphate.

ClariSea Gen3 fleece filters are industry-leading, patented roll filter system from D&D. In addition to the incorporation of all the features from Gen 2, this new version includes a pre-built body, a multi-size inlet adapter, and an easier to load fleece. By removing even the smallest particles, the ClariSea fleece filter dramatically reduces the load on your protein skimmer. Reduced maintenance costs result from constant filtration of pumps, wavemakers, and protein skimmers.

Which models of the ClarieSea Fleece Filter range come with a smart remote control?

The ClariSea SK-3000 Automatic and ClariSea SK-5000 Automatic units include a multi-function smart controller for the automatic and manual advance of the fleece roll. This will also show visual and audible alarms if a potential error is detected during operation.

Product SK-3000 Automatic Gen 2 SK-5000 Automatic Gen 2 SK-3000 Manual Gen 2
Dimensions W:225 x H:455 x D:205 mm W:225 x H:455 x D:255 mm W:225 x H:455 x D:205 mm
Recommended flow rate 3,000 lph Up to 5,000 lph 3,000 lph
Particle size removal Down to 20 microns Down to 20 microns Down to 20 microns
Optimal depth 10 cm (4”) 10 cm (4”) 10 cm (4”)
Min. submerged water depth 5 cm (2”) 5 cm (2”) 5 cm (2”)
Max. submerged water depth 20 cm (8") 20 cm (8") 20 cm (8")
Hang on bracket height adjustment Up to 14 cm (5.5”) Up to 14 cm (5.5”) Up to 12 cm (4")
Recommended aquarium size Up to 600 l 1200 l 5 x tank turnover 600 l, 4 x tank turn over 750 l
Inlet connection 32 mm 32 mm 32 mm
Filter fleece width 10 cm (4") 15 cm (6") 10 cm (4”)
ClariSea Smart Controller included Yes Yes No
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