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Swell Pond Skimmer 3000

Assists with keeping your pond water clear and healthy

At a glance...
  • High-quality pond surface skimmer that floats on the water
  • Built in 3000 lph pump
  • Suitable for ponds with a surface area of up to 20m²

Swell's Pond Skimmer 3000 is a quality pond surface skimmer that will be an excellent addition for any garden pond. Leaves, uneaten food and general floating pond debris will sink to the base of the pond where it can pollute the pond water, thus resulting in a potential water quality/clarity problem. By straining the debris before it sinks, this pond surface skimmer assists with keeping your pond water clear and healthy.

The Swell Pond Skimmer 3000 simply floats on the waters surface and water is drawn to the skimmer inlet via the built-in pump, water is then passed through the skimmer basket and strainer where the debris is collected. Simply empty the basket regularly to remove the debris from the pond, which ensures continuous skimming operation. The skimmer can be simply anchored to the side of the pond with a piece of string (not supplied), or allowed to free float.

Suitable for ponds with a surface area of up to 20m², the 3000 LPH pump in the base of the skimmer also creates additional water movement that can help stop dead spots in the pond.



Product Pond Skimmer 3000
Pond Size 20m²
Max Flow Rate 3000lph
Dimensions ø:36cm x H:26cm
Wattage 43W
Cable Length 10m
Guarantee 2 years
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