Swell Pond Skimmer 3000

An effective pond skimmer designed to keep your pond's surface clear

At a glance...
  • Strains debris from pond surface, keeping water clear
  • Comes with 3,000 lph pump and filter foam
  • Suitable for ponds with surface area up to 20m²
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What is this pond skimmer?

This Swell Pond Skimmer 3000 is an effective floating pond skimmer designed to keep your pond's surface clear by straining away any leaves, uneaten food, or other floating debris.

If left alone, this floating debris can sink to the bottom of your pond, rot, and pollute your water column. By straining it before it sinks to the pond floor, these pond skimmers keep your pond water healthy and clear.

These pond skimmers come with a 3,000 lph pump and some internal filter foams that help to catch and remove floating debris. These foams can also harbour huge colonies of beneficial bacteria that'll help to improve the filtration capacity of your garden pond.

Key Features:

  • 3,000 lph pump
  • Optimised floating debris strainer
  • Spacious surface skimmer body packed with filter foam
  • Can be anchored or left to float
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Comes with 10m cable
  • Suitable for ponds up to 20m²
  • Use in wildlife pond, ornamental pond or Koi pond

How do pond skimmers work?

This Swell Pond Skimmer 3000, like other pond surface skimmers, floats on your pond's surface and effectively filters it. Its does this with its built-in 3,000 lph pump, which draws surface water over the rim of the surface skimmer and down into the filter basket, along with any floating debris.

This debris is then caught by the skimmer's internal filter foams and, later, removed by you as you squeeze out the foams during a maintenance session. The muck collected by these pond skimmers serves as great fertiliser for surface plants, so feel free to spread it around your garden.

By regularly removing this muck from your surface skimmer, you'll ensure that it continues working at its optimum level. If properly maintained, these pond skimmers can effectively clear surface debris from garden ponds up to 20m². This makes them suitable for all kinds of ponds, from a small wildlife pond to a large Koi pond.

How do I use this pond skimmer?

This Swell Pond Skimmer 3000 is incredibly easy to use. To install it, simply place it inside your pond, plug it in, and let it float freely to remove floating debris from your pond's surface. Alternatively, you can anchor it to a specific spot with a piece of rope/wire/twine (sold separately).

Like a lot of our other pond equipment, these pond skimmers come without a fitted plug as per UK regulations. To use these pond skimmers, you'll need to fit your own plug to the 10m cable provided with the pond skimmers. 



Product Pond Skimmer 3000
Pond Size 20m²
Max Flow Rate 3000lph
Dimensions ø:36cm x H:26cm
Wattage 43W
Cable Length 10m
Guarantee 2 years
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