Oase ProfiSkim Wall 100

A subtle way to keep your pond clean

At a glance...
  • High-quality pond skimmer for pond and pool walls
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Standard and wide-mouth extension available

The Oase ProfiSkim Wall 100 is for permanent installation in a wall. The fantastic Oase technology is protected through an integrated debris basket with wildlife evacuation system. Accessing the debris basket is no problem at all. The basket is easily accessible and completely effortless to remove for cleaning from the front and from the top.

For the best possible result, the wall installation surface skimmer should be installed on the side of the pond that is away from the wind. An additional extra is the Wide-Mouth Extension which will provide more efficient debris removal thanks to the helpful wide-mouth extension. This too can be purchased online from Swell UK.

*For terms of guarantee please see www.oase-livingwater.com/guarantee

Dimensions (LxWxH) 273 x 267 x 408mm
Net Weight 2.80kg
Guarantee (+ request guarantee)* 3 + 2 Years
Possible Water Level Difference 120mm
Skimmer Opening Width 210mm
Pond Surface, max. 30m²
Pump Capacity, min. 6000 l/h
Pump Capacity, max. 16000 l/h
Rec. Flow Rate (Gravitation) 12000 l/h
Connections, Outlet DN 110
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