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  • Chemical treatment to enhance plant growth
  • Contains a mix of beneficial minerals and elements
  • 10ml of solution will treat 40l of water
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This Ciano Plants Protection provides a boost to all aquatic plants, and can be used in any freshwater set up, tropical and coldwater. It provides your plants with a range of minerals and essential elements that they need to really thrive, all which are easily assimilated by the plants.

By stimulating the plant growth, it helps to reduce algae growth, by out competing with the algae, and correcting the shortfalls within the water balance, such as Iron and Potassium. To use, shake well and add directly to the aquarium, ideally near to the water outlet of the filter to aid in even distribution through your aquarium. You only need 10ml per 40l of aquarium water, and ideally it should be used every 15 days for optimum results.

If you want to use this on a long term basis, try the Plant Protection Dosator, which provides 60 days of continuous Plant Protection.

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