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  • Chemical treatment to enhance fish growth and health
  • Contains a mix of beneficial plant extracts and vitamins
  • 10ml of solution will treat 40l of water
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The Ciano Fish Protection helps to protect the gills, skin and fins of fish, using natural plant extracts and indispensable vitamins which the fish are used to in their natural biotope. This functions as a natural lining that protects the fish from any agents in the water that can cause disease, and has a long-lasting effect.

To use, shake the bottle well each time, and add a dose directly to the water, ideally near the outlet of the filter for a good dispersion throughout the aquarium. You only need 10ml per 40l of water, and for the most effective use it should be repeated every 15 days.

If you want to use this on a long term basis, try the Fish Protection Dosator, which provides 60 days of continuous Fish Protection.

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