API Stress Coat

Stress Coat is a leading aquarium dechlorinator

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  • Tap water conditioner
  • Makes tap water safe and protects fish
  • Safe to use in reef tanks
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What is API Stress Coat?

API Stress Coat is a tap water conditioner from leading aquarium treatment manufacturers API designed to reduce fish stress. Stress Coat water conditioner removes chlorine, chloramines and ammonia from tap water, these elements are toxic to fish and can lead to fish stress, increasing fish susceptibility to disease.

However, unlike other tap water conditioners, API Stress Coat contains the healing power of Aloe vera, which helps fish replace their natural secretion and slime coat with a synthetic slime coating. API Stress Coat also helps to heal damaged tissue, repair damaged skin and reduce fish stress caused by damage or disease.

Does API Stress Coat work?

API is a leading brand in aquatic chemistry and fish keeping. They conduct a lot of research into the effects of their products on aquarium water, and their studies have found that API Stress Coat reduces fish stress by 40% consistently.

When you're using API Stress Coat you can be confident that this formula is scientifically proven to reduce fish stress, making it ideal for use when setting up a new aquarium, adding fish to an existing tank or caring for fish that are sick or have been harmed by fish fighting.

How often can you use API Stress Coat?

API Stress Coat can be used in two different ways, in a new tank or for upkeep. We sell the treatment in four sizes to cater to all aquarium types and sizes as API stress coat can be used in both freshwater and marine water. Our range includes Stress Coat 118ml, Stress Coat 237ml, Stress Coat 473ml and Stress Coat 1.9l.

When you're using API Stress Coat in a new tank you should add 5ml of Stress Coat for every 45 litres (10 gallons) of aquarium water. However, you need to double the dose for upkeep, adding 10ml of Stress Coat water conditioner for every 47 litres (10 gallons) of aquarium water.



Brand API
New tank dosage 5ml of Stress Coat for every 45 litres (10 gallons)
Upkeep dosage 10ml of Stress Coat to 45 litres (10 Gallons)


Product SKU  Size
Stress Coat 118ml API85B 118ml
Stress Coat 237ml API85A 237ml
Stress Coat 473ml API85F 473ml
Stress Coat 1.9l API85J 1.9l
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