API Prevent Algae

Aquarium algae treatment that eliminates cloudy water

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  • Aquarium treatment to prevent algae
  • 237ml bottle treats 1,880 litres of fresh or saltwater
  • Prevents green water
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What is API Prevent Algae?

API Prevent Algae is an aquarium treatment for freshwater and marine aquariums that combats algae growth in your aquarium water. It removes silicate and phosphates in your aquarium which cause algae to grow and are common nutrients found in planted aquariums. This treatment also reduces overall aquarium maintenance in fresh and saltwater aquariums while protecting aquarium inhabitants and promoting the growth of reef-building corals.

How much API Prevent Algae should I use?

Add 5ml of API Prevent Algae to 40litres of aquarium water to remove algae or prevent algae blooms. Use the treatment twice a week for two weeks to ensure the algae is fully removed. When used correctly, the treatment is scientifically proven to keep your aquarium clean without harming your fish, plants or invertebrates.



Brand API
Volume 237ml
Treats 1880ml
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