eSHa Protalon 707 Anti-Algae Treatment

Freshwater aquarium additive to prevent algae

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  • Chemical treatment to remove aquarium algae
  • Safe to use around fish and plants
  • 20ml bottle to treat up to 300l of aquarium water
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What is eSHa Protalon 707 Anti-Algae?

eSHa Protalon 707 Anti-Algae is an aquarium algae treatment that is suitable for all freshwater aquariums, both coldwater and tropical. It will safely remove pesky algae and algae blooms from your aquarium and won't harm aquarium plants. In fact, the treatment actually maintains plants' access to vital lighting and vitamins that green algae removes, helping your plants grow.

What does eSHa Protalon 707 Anti-Algae treat?

eSHa Protalon 707 is an effective treatment for Filamentous algae, Beard algae, Slime algae, Black algae, Suspended algae and many other species of algae, making this the only treatment you'll need to combat this unsightly pest instead of needing to invest in multiple other treatments.

How do you use eSHa Protalon 707 Anti-Algae?

This comes as a unique two-bottle treatment, that works to provide you with an effective way to tackle your algae problem and a plant boost. The two bottles will also rid your tank of cloudy water whilst being completely harmless to fish.

Please note: This treatment is NOT suitable for use with aquatic snails.




Brand eSHa
Dosage 20ml treats 300 litres of aquarium water
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