API Quick Start

Jump start your aquarium's filtration system

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  • Easy-to-use aquarium additive ideal for new tanks
  • Allows instant addition of fish
  • Immediately starts aquarium cycle
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What is this API Quick Start?

API Quick Start is an additive designed to help your aquarium establish a natural nitrogen cycle. It's packed with live, nitrifying bacteria that will immediately get to work and jump start your tank's filtration system.

By adding API Quick Start to a new aquarium, you'll limit toxic ammonia build-up and, in doing so, create a fish-safe environment. This means that you can add fish to a new aquarium straight away!

API Quick Start is suitable for use in both fresh and saltwater aquariums. It comes in several size options to suit your fishkeeping needs.

How do I use this API Quick Start?

It's recommended that you use API Quick Start whenever you set up a new aquarium. You should also use it after water changes, filter changes, and whenever you add new fish to your aquarium.

To dose, simply add 10ml per 38L of water. API Quick Start can be dosed straight into your aquarium, or added to a bucket while you're performing a water change.

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