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Give your plants everything they need to thrive

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  • All-in-one plant food and fertilizer for all aquarium plants
  • Contains essential minerals like iron, potassium and manganese
  • A range of sizes to stock up on
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The optimal composition within the ingredients of the ProFito means that plants have everything they need for unhindered, strong and lush growth. This highly concentrated, all in one universal plant food contains all the necessary nutrients within this single product, including Iron, Potassium and Manganese. This perfect combination ensures strong, healthy and lush plant growth within your tank.

ProFito works by promoting the production of cytokinins, which stimulate the division of cells in the plants, and produce a wider leave and a more intense colouration. It also works to improve and consolidate the biological balance within the aquarium, keeping things as stable as possible.

This contains no nitrates or phosphates, which can often encourage algae growth, and at a dosage rate of just 10ml per 100l works out a very economical way to provide plant food.

Ideally, this should be used as 10ml per 100l once a week, though a 1/7 value can be provided daily instead. You may find the colour of the product can vary, which is normal. For the first few weeks, you may alter the dosage to find the right levels for your aquarium - the best dosage can be determined by the youngest leaves of a plant. If they are light green, the dose can be increased. If you get algae appearing, or no further growth enhancement of the plants is seen, reduce the dose slightly. Fast growing plants will also help to reduce algae levels.

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