NT Labs Aquarium Plant Boost

Help your aquatic plants reach their full potential

At a glance...
  • A chemical treatment to stimulate aquatic plant growth
  • Trace elements to encourage growth and development
  • 100ml pack will treat a 100l aquarium for 100 days
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Suitable for cold water & tropical aquariums, all in one iron-based plant food, stimulates and promotes growth.

Aquarium Plant Boost is a plant food which provides all the trace elements which are taken out of the water by growing plants, especially iron which is most important for healthy growth of aquarium plants. In addition, Plant Boost contains growth hormones to stimulate and encourage even sickly plants into healthy growth.

For best results: Use in conjunction with NT Labs Liquid CO2 Boost which will give your plants vital dissolved CO2 without the need for a CO2 gas injection system.

Pack Size: 100ml

100ml treats: e.g. A 100 Litre aquarium for 100 days.

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