Aqua One Azalea Roots

Add aquascaping azalea wood to your freshwater aquarium

At a glance...
  • Natural decoration for freshwater aquariums
  • Made up of aquascaping azalea wood
  • A great material for building shelters and hides
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The Aqua One Azalea Roots are 100% natural root sticks, that come in a 100g bag, ideal for aquascaping in freshwater aquariums. Every bag is filled with completely unique and natural pieces, so no two will be the same.

These add a great touch of natural decor to your aquarium, and look great when used in conjunction with live plants and rock work to create a real character to your aquarium. These are detailed and intricate pieces of Azalea Root that can be used in any freshwater system, either Tropical or Coldwater.

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