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Aqua One Azalea Natural Wood

A natural Azalea root wood centrepiece for your freshwater aquarium or biotope

At a glance...
  • Natural Azalea root wood for freshwater aquariums and biotopes
  • 100% natural and completely unique
  • Available in a range of sizes for all pets to enjoy
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This stunning natural Azalea Wood roots come in a choice of sizes, though as each piece is completely natural and unique, all dimensions are approximate. Some might be more square in shape, some longer and thinner, put each adds its' own wow factor to your aquarium.

Ideal to add depth to your aquarium, great for soft water biotopes, and ideal for fry to hide among.

Approximate sizes:

  • Small - 20cm - 30cm
  • Medium - 30cm - 40cm
  • Large - 40cm - 50cm
  • Extra Large - 50cm - 60cm
  • 2XL - 60cm - 75cm
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