Swell Jackfruit Leaves

Add antibacterial jackfruit leaves to your blackwater aquarium

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  • Natural leaf litter decoration for blackwater aquariums
  • Made up of jackfruit leaves which have many beneficial properties
  • Will break down naturally and slowly over a few days
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Jackfruit Leaves from Swell UK are all harvested and dried naturally, and contain no pesticides. These are great way to add tannins to your aquarium, helping to emphasis the look in biotopes, especially Blackwater aquarium set ups. Alongside the use of other natural decor, such as Indian Almond (Catappa) Leaves and Guava Leaves, as well as a host of seeds and pods, you can create a truly stunning natural aquarium, just like the rivers of South America or India.

Leaf litter like Jackfruit Leaves in aquariums produce a biofilm that shrimp and other invertebrates will feed from, and even catfish will enjoy, particularly good for if you are away for a few days. These will break down naturally and slowly within the aquarium, so you won't get the pollution that many "holiday" foods can produce within a few hours of going into an aquarium. The Jackfruit leaves are particularly large, and will take much longer to break down than others, easily lasting well over a month. We recommend to add these a bit slower, due to their size, starting with just 2 - 3 per 40 - 50l to start with.

Jackfruit is known to have many health benefits to humans, and whilst unlike Catappa leaves, this hasn't been scientifically studied in the water through the leaves, its likely to have similar benefits to Indian Almond leaves, with a broad spectrum of antibacteria, helping to heal wounds and fight disease.

These can take a day or two before they start to sink, and will then start to break down over the next few weeks. Ideally, leave them in for invertebrates to eat, and add fresh to continue their good work and provide a stunning tannin display.

These are completely natural and will vary from each piece, and there are 10 in a pack, varying in size but around 17cm x 15cm.

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