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Swell Kumbuk Tree Pods

Add kumbuk tree pods to your blackwater aquarium to encourage foraging behaviours

At a glance...
  • Natural decoration for blackwater aquariums
  • Made up of tannin-enriched kumbuk tree pods
  • Will break down naturally and slowly
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The Natural Dried Kumbuk Tree Pods come in a pack of 8, and can be used alongside any other natural decor to create the perfect biotope. Great when used with leaf litter, these provide foraging areas for small fish and invertebrates, meaning they are great as both an ornamental addition as well as functional.

These are a completely natural product, and as such each will vary in shape, size and colouration, but they are around 1" each. Due to their small size and lightweight nature, these can be boiled for around 45 minutes first to ensure they are waterlogged enough to sink and be effective in your aquarium, or given enough time floating they will start to sink naturally, though this may take a few days.

These will naturally leach tannins that can colour you water given enough of it, and cause a yellow tinge, which is perfectly safe. If you don't want this to happen, boiling is a way to reduce this happening.

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