Swell Ipil Tree Pods

Add ipil tree pods to your blackwater aquarium to enrich invertebrate biofilm

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  • Natural decoration for blackwater aquariums
  • Made up of biofilm-rich ipil tree pods
  • Will break down naturally and slowly
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Ipil Pods are a great addition to the deocration of your aquarium, adding something new to a naturally decorated tank, but they will also add another layer of function for invertebrates, who can take addition nutrients from them over time.

As with most natural decor, these can be pre-boiled in order to saturate sufficiently to soak as required, around 45 - 1hr is usually sufficient, though do longer if you find they are not sinking. If you don't want to boil, as this can remove some of their natural properties, they will sink on their own but this can take a while, maybe a week or so.

This pack of 10 Ipil Tree Pods can be great alongside other natural leaf litter, especially types like Guava and Indian Almond Catappa leaves, which also provides biofilm nutrients to inverebrates. They will also provide a foraging area for small fish, and add to the tropical biotope look of your aquarium.

Each of these Ipil Pods are completely unique and harvested naturally, and as such they can vary from piece to piece. They are around 10 - 15cm in length, and will differ in colour, shape and size.

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