Swell Indian Almond Catappa Leaves

Prevents diseases and serves as a great catfish food

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  • Natural leaf litter decoration for blackwater aquariums
  • Made up of disease-preventing almond catappa leaves
  • Will break down naturally and slowly over a few days
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What are Swell Indian Almond Catappa Leaves?

Our Indian almond leaves are naturally harvested from the Indian almond tree and dried out to be used in aquariums. Each Indian almond leaf contains no pesticides and is ideal for naturally conditioning the water in your fish tank. Adding Indian almond leaves will also help to create a biotope for many species. They not only enrich the aquarium water but, also provide hiding places for baby fish and adults of many species, such as Betta fish. 

What are the benefits of Indian almond leaves?

Indian almond leaf extract contains a tanning agent that will discolour your water, but this creates a natural-looking environment and boosts mucous production, which aids in preventing diseases, such as fin rot. You can also use Indian almond leaves as feed in shrimp tanks. The tannins have antifungal and antibacterial properties, giving your fish and other aquarium inhabitants a natural level of protection, with no extra chemicals.

How do I add Indian almond leaves to my tank?

Once added, the Indian almond leaves will take 1-2 days to sink to the bottom of the aquarium, and will release active substances for around 1-3 weeks. At this point, you can remove and replace the Indian almond leaves, or leave them to be eaten and just add new leaves to create a leaf litter substrate. If you want, you can boil the leaves beforehand to ensure they sink straight away, but this will also remove some of that natural goodness that you want, so we recommend trying to wait for them to sink.



Brand Swell


Model Average Number of Leaves Average Leaf Size
SWLR0781A 10 17 x 8cm
SWLR0780A 10 13 x 6cm
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