Swell Mango Leaves

Add mango leaves to your blackwater aquarium to lower pH naturally

At a glance...
  • Natural decoration for blackwater aquariums
  • Made up of ph-lowering mango leaves
  • Will break down naturally and slowly over a few days
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Mango Leaves from Swell UK are all harvested and dried naturally, and contain no pesticides. These not only look fantastic in an aquarium, but also release many benefits into your tank, helping to naturally lower pH, release tannins that are ideal for Blackwater aquariums, and they also hold many antimicrobial properties.

Our Mango leaves come in a pack of 10, and vary in size due to being real natural leaves, but are around 25 x 8cm. These can take a day or two before they start to sink, and will be releasing their good bacteria for around 1 - 3 weeks, and will then start to break down. You can boil them to waterlog them quicker, and get them to sink straight away if you want. Ideally, leave them in for invertebrates to eat, and add fresh to continue their good work.

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