Aqua One Taihu Rock 20kg

Porous Taihu rock for your freshwater aquarium

At a glance...
  • Porous Taihu rock for freshwater aquariums
  • Will help to hard water and increase pH
  • Available in 20kg packs
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This Taihu Rock from Aqua One is completely natural, and therefore every single piece will vary. We're unable to confirm sizes or shapes, as these are based on weights, and every piece will be unique.

Available in a 20kg Box with individual pieces of around 15 - 30cm each, this Taihu Rock is a limestone-based stone, so will cause some hardness within your water, especially if you're using a CO2 system, so we recommend to perform regular water changes. Ideal for fish that prefer harder water, with higher pH, such as African Cichlids.

We have a great range of decorative reef rock available. Each piece is around 15 - 30cm, and there are between 5 - 8 pieces per box, though this is dependent on the size of the rocks included.

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