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Velda Premium Pond Skimmer

Pond skimmer for removing scum, excess proteins and other debris

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  • Pond skimmer with variable height of 35-90 cm
  • Features built in pond pump which cleans the water surface continuously
  • 15-degree adjustable stem for uneven pond floors
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A pond with a clear water surface is not only good to look at, it also reduces bottom debris and algae development. Organic material such as feed waste, leaves and twigs encourage the growth of algae so this pond skimmer is perfect to stop this kind of water contamination.

This standing skimmer works with a pond pump (not supplied) to clean the pond surface continuously. The dirt is collected in a container that is easy to rinse clean. The floating container automatically adapts to the water level (+/- 8 cm). It is easy to stabilise by weighting it down with stones and it can be positioned flat on almost any support (max 15º). If necessary, it can be extended with extra tubes, 17 cm (item no. 146057).

We advise a pond pump with a capacity of 4000 - 20,000 l/h to keep a pond surface of 8 - 40 m² clear.

Key Features:-

  • variable height of 35 to 90 cm.
  • 15 degree adjustable stem for uneven pond floors

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