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Bermuda My First Pond Kit

A fantastic beginner pond kit to create a small wildlife pond

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  • Pond kit to create a small wildlife pond
  • Includes pond liner, pond pump, barley straw, pond net and more
  • Helps children to learn about nature
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The perfect beginner pond kit including key products to create a small natural wildlife pond and fun for all the family.

What is Bermuda My First Pond Kit?

Bermuda My First Pond Kit is the ideal pond kit for creating a small wildlife pond. It includes some of the key items to get started with setting up a natural wildlife pond such as a PVC pond liner, a high-quality fountain pond pump, barley straw to reduce green algae, a pond net and much more. The Bermuda My First Pond Kit brings wildlife to your garden and allows children and their families to learn about nature and explore it together.

What’s included in the Bermuda pond kit?

Bermuda My First Pond Kit is packed with some of the key ingredients to get started on your pond project. This pond kit includes:

    • PVC Pond Liner 2.5m x 2m - Once you have dug out your pond you can line the hole with this pond liner and fill it with water. We recommend using a pond liner underlay to sit beneath your pond liner. This protects your pond liner from sharp roots or stones in the ground that could cause a puncture. It's easy to lay down and creates the ideal surface for any pond liner.
    • Fountain Pump 1000 lph - This fountain pump has an optimum flow rate of 1000 lph and will create an attractive fountain display in your pond. It also adds vital oxygen for pond life and aquatic plants.
    • Tap Water Conditioner 250 ml - Tap water contains chlorine which is toxic to fish and wildlife. This tap water conditioner removes harmful chlorine making your tap water safe for wildlife.
    • Barley Straw Mini Bale -Barley straw controls blanketweed and algae in your pond ensuring clean and clear pond water. Barley Straw Mini Bale is completely pet and wildlife-friendly, making it safe for fish and plants. Once added to your pond, it starts to decompose helping remove green algae from your pond water.
    • Pond Fish Net - This light and durable pond net allows you to have fun catching pond creatures as well as pond dipping. Children should always be supervised near water.
    • Magnifying Glass -A magnifying glass creates fun for all the family. You can get a closer look at insects and bugs you come across in your garden.
    • Pond Dipping Guide Book -This guide book helps children to learn about nature and creatures living in your pond.

What else do I need to complete my pond set up?

Aside from pond liner underlay to protect your pond liner, pond plants will make a great addition to your wildlife pond. These plants will attract lots of wildlife to your garden and pond for you to learn about and enjoy.

You can disperse aquatic plants in and around your pond. In doing so, plants deplete the supply of nitrates and phosphates from the water, keeping your pond clear and healthy plus creating a healthy environment for your pond fish. Additionally, frogs and dragonflies will appreciate the resting and hiding places under stems and leaves.

Guarantee 1 year
Pond pump max. flow rate 1000 lph / 220 gph
Pond liner size 2.5 m x 2 m
Pond liner material PVC
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