Swell Pressure Deluxe 12000 Complete Pond Kit

Create a garden pond of 3 x 2.2 x 0.9 m in size

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  • Pond kit with filter, pump, flexi pipe, clips and UV bulb
  • Lifetime guarantee pond liner and underlay included
  • Kit will filter 6000 l community fish pond
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The kit we have carefully put together contains everything you need to create a garden pond of around 3m x 2.2m x 0.9m (10ft x 7ft x 3ft) or 3.7m x 3.3m x 0.8m (12ft x 7.5ft x 2.5ft). It comes with excellent quality products such as our Pressure Premium pond filter which has outstanding reviews.

The Swell Pressure Filter Deluxe can easily be maintained by manually removing the head and washing through the foams. Once done you are able to wash through the foams and divert this excess dirty water away from your pond using the separate cleaning outlet function. This model has a unique feature that tells you when the filter needs to be cleaned by using a small float, which pops out of the head of the unit when required.

The pump supplied is the Swell Filter Pump 7500 pond pump that is designed to handle solids up to 8mm in size, ensuring the pump can push dirty water 24/7 without clogging and with little maintenance. Excellent quality with low running costs!

Swell deluxe pond liner comes complete with a lifetime guarantee and with underlay to ensure maximum protection. Excellent value for money, the 0.35mm thick HDPE liners are strong, extremely durable and UV resistant.

Kit includes:

  • Filter: Swell Pressure Filter Deluxe 12000.
  • Pump: Swell Filter Pump 7500
  • Liner and underlay: 4.5m x 6m - lifetime guarantee.
  • Approx pond size: 3m x 2.2m x 0.9m (10ft x 7ft x 3ft) or 3.7m x 3.3m x 0.8m (12ft x 7.5ft x 2.5ft).
  • 5 meters of 38mm flexi pipe.
  • 3 x 38mm hose clips.
  • Kit will filter a 600 litre (1300gallon) community fish pond (no koi).


Product Pond size Max flow rate Max Head Height Inlet and outlet Dimensions UV bulb Cable Guarantee
Filter 12,000l (no fish), 6,000l (with fish), 3,000l (with Koi) N/A N/A 25mm, 32mm, 40mm 54 x 38 x 47cm 18w PLL UV cable 5m 1 year
Pump N/A 8,000lph 3m 25mm, 32mm, 40mm 22 x 28 x 15 cm N/A 10m 3 years
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