Swell Floating Aerator Pump

The perfect aerator pump to ensure your water is oxygenated

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At a glance...
  • A water feature that doubles as a 115 W aerating pump
  • Features a 1 year guarantee and 20,000 lph max flow rate
  • 0.5 m max fountain height, 2 m max fountain width

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What is the Swell Floating Aerator Pump?

The Swell Floating Aerator Pump is an incredible water feature and air pump that doubles as an aerating pump. The 115W pump features a 1 year guarantee, 0.5m max fountain height, 2m max fountain width and a 20,000lph maximum flow rate. This air pump was specially commissioned by Swell UK LTD to help any pond keepers with a fish stocked pond get the vital oxygen they need for their pond fish.

Key Features:

  • Water feature and aerating pump
  • 1 year guarantee
  • 0.5m max fountain height
  • 2m max fountain width
  • 20,000lph max flow rate
  • Maintains a high water quality
  • Energy efficient
  • Can be purchased with LED lights

Why should I buy a Swell Floating Aerator Pump?

If you have a large pond with lots of pondlife, such as community ponds or Koi ponds, the Swell Floating Aerator Pump is the perfect way to ensure your water is oxygenated while turning a few heads. Pond aerators move water to maintain a high water quality and optimum oxygen levels. This energy-efficient fountain will continuously aerate your pond with little cost or need for maintenance.

How do I make a floating pond fountain?

Setting up the Swell Floating Aerator Pump is easy, once everything is out of the box simply attach the included guide cables as instructed and connect the 10m power cable to a mains power supply to get started (to comply with UK electrical legislation, pond appliances can't be supplied with a fitted plug, so you'll need to purchase one separately or wire it into an outdoor socket). If you want more control, you might want to consider creating some sort of power control box or timer to keep energy usage to a minimum.

Can I get lights for the Swell Floating Aerator Pump?

Yes. We've created a version of the Swell Floating Aerator Pump featuring LED lighting. If you want to create a truly impressive fountain feature, this is a fantastic option with little change to the overall energy efficiency of the pump.

What is an aerator pump?

Aerator pumps are pumps designed to constantly move and disrupt pond water to enrich it with air. This has many benefits because it gives your fish access to plenty of oxygen, which is key for breathing through the gills. If your pond doesn't have enough oxygen, it will result in fish gasping at the water's surface and ultimately poor health.

Are air stones good for ponds?

Yes, air stones are very beneficial to the health of a pond. Air stones take the air from a pond aerator or pond air pump and diffuse it, ensuring that more of the water is enriched with oxygen. Without an air stone, you're more likely to find an imbalance in the spread of oxygen in your pond and areas that your fish avoid.

Is this floating fountain pump right for my pond?

The Swell Floating Aerator Pump is about the size of a large frisbee and creates a 2m diameter fountain. This will be far too large for many domestic ponds and isn't adjustable, so be sure to measure your pond before making your purchase.

Please note: The impeller in this pump is a consumable part. With this being the only moving part of your pond pump, it is exposed to a lot of friction which can cause it to wear down and break over time. This component is not covered by the guarantee and can be purchased as and when required.



Guarantee 1 year
Maximum fountain height 0.5m
Maximum fountain diameter 2m
Cable length 10m
Power Pump 115W LED 6W
Max flow rate 20,000lph
Fountain style Bell



Model LED lights included
SWLA0255 No
SWLA0256 Yes
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