Oase PondJet Eco Floating Fountain

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Create a stunning water display for gardens, grounds and golf courses with the Oase PondJet Eco Floating Fountain. This PondJet Eco floating fountain is a self-contained unit, with a built-in 12,000lph fountain pump, float body and multi-functional nozzle. It's energy-efficient too, thanks to a variable power feature on the PondJet Eco floating fountain pump that cycles through low and high powered effects to reduce power consumption. You can even buy one of the lighting kits (either the Power LED light set or Profilux RGB light set) for the Eco Floating Fountain to create more effects and light your floating fountain late into the evening.


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Product Information

What is the Oase PondJet Eco Floating Fountain?

The Oase Pondjet Eco Floating Fountain is a high-powered floating fountain designed for use in medium-large ponds or smaller professional water features. It can produce a jet up to 3 metres in height and diameter. Complete with a 3-year guarantee and frost-resistant pump float body, this pump has everything you need to turn heads.

Why should I buy an Oase PondJet Eco Floating Fountain?

The Eco Floating Fountain is the absolute top of the line in domestic floating fountain pumps and it's pretty close to the top as a professional fountain as well. If you want to impress, this is the floating fountain pump for you.

How do I make a floating pond fountain?

The 270W Oase PondJet Eco Floating Fountain can be set up fairly quickly. Simply attach the included guide cables as instructed and connect the 20m power cable to a mains supply (you will need to buy and wire your own plug to do this) and you should be good to go. You may want to consider creating some sort of power control box or timer for more control.

What attachments can I buy for the Oase PondJet Eco Floating Fountain?

While the floating fountain does come with everything you'll need to get started, including a variable nozzle, you can also buy an Oase Vulcan 37-2.5K or Oase Vulcan 43-3 Silver fountain head to create a specific foam water pattern.

Can I get lights for the Oase PondJet Eco Floating Fountain?

Yes, you can. Oase offers both a Power LED lighting kit and a Profilux RGB lighting kit. The Power LED lighting kit will illuminate your PondJet Eco fountain throughout the night with white light, ideal for impressing guests after dark. The Profilux RGB lighting kit takes things a step further with the ability to coordinate different coloured lighting displays with water effects creating a professional centrepiece.

Is this floating fountain pump right for my pond?

Please note, this Oase PondJet Eco Floating Fountain is about the size of a large dustbin lid and creates a 3m diameter fountain that isn't adjustable. This will be far too big for most domestic ponds, so measure your pond and water level before finalising your floating fountain purchase. If you need a hand finding the right pump for your pond, we have a handy guide to finding the right size pump for your pond written by aquatics expert Jeremy Gay.


Material Plastic/metal
Pond size Large
Guarantee 3 years
COO Germany
Maximum fountain height 3m
Maximum fountain diameter 3m
Cable length 20m
Power 270W
Max flow rate 12,000lph
Colour Black
Fountain style Vertical tiered fountain

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