Oase Air Flo 4000

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The Oase Air Flo 4000 is considered by many professional pond keepers to be one of the best large-scale fountain pumps on the market. This fountain is a self-contained unit featuring a high-powered axial propeller technology fountain pump, three different water effect nozzles and a hardy float body. It's sure to look incredible on any pond or lake with a fountain up to 3m high and 10m wide. This model also includes a stainless steel connector system to add nine additional LED lights (not included).


  • Air Flo 4000 - 400v
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Product Information

What is the Oase Air Flo 4000?

The Oase Air Flo 4000 is a commercial fountain pump designed primarily for large lakes and professional ponds. The 4000w pump features a 3m max fountain height, 295,000lph maximum flow rate and a 2-year guarantee.

Why should I buy the Oase Air Flo 4000?

Oase is one of the most well-respected brands in the world of ponds and aquatics, so you can be sure that one of their most powerful high-end pumps is something special. With the combination of a quick set-up, easy maintenance and a proven track record of reliability, it's easy to see why the Oase Air Flo 4000 is the first choice of many. And for those still on the fence, the three multi-functional fountain heads and high-performance aerator tends to be enough to win them over.

What is axial propeller technology?

The Oase Air Flo 4000 features axial propeller technology which creates rapid water flow rates efficiently, effectively reducing power consumption.

How do I make a floating pond fountain?

Most floating pond fountains are pretty straightforward to set up but the Oase Air Flo 4000 is particularly easy. Just attach the included guide wires to your shoreline to position the fountain, screw the motor housing in and attach the 50m cable to a mains power source to get started (you will need to buy and wire your own plug to do this). It's also worth considering some sort of power control system or timer for complete control and reduced power consumption.

Can I get lights for the Oase Air Flo 4000?

Yes, Oase makes sets of spotlights that attach to the stainless steel connection system on the Oase Air Flo 4000. The Oase Air Flo 4000 can support up to 9 of these spotlights.

Is this the right floating fountain pump for me?

This Oase Air Flo is about the size of a large bin lid, creates a 10m diameter fountain and quite a bit of noise - it's not suitable for domestic ponds but will suit hotels, golf courses and outdoor events well. If you're struggling to pick the right pump for your pond, we have an excellent guide to finding the ideal pump for your pond from aquatics expert Jeremy Gay.


Material Plastic/metal
Pond size 500-15,000m2
Guarantee 2 years
COO Germany
Maximum fountain height 3m
Maximum fountain diameter 10m
Cable length 50m
Power 4,000W
Max flow rate 295,000lph
Colour Black
Fountain style 3 trumpet styles

Product Specification

Product Voltage Max LPH Guarantee Wattage Length (m)
Oase Air Flo 4000 - 400v 400v/50hz 295000lph 2 Years 4kw Cable Length 50m

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