AquaEl Leddy 60 Aquarium Day and Night

A simple 54 litre tropical fish tank

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  • Contemporary 54L freshwater aquarium
  • Built-in LED lighting offers day and night lighting
  • 60 x 30 x 30cm tank
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Tank arrived in 3 days and was very well packaged. Easy to assemble, in use on the day it was delivered. Would recommend it for beginner aquarists.

What is the AquaEl Leddy 60 Aquarium DAY&NIGHT?

The AquaEl Leddy 60 Aquarium DAY&NIGHT are modern 54-litre freshwater aquariums complete with a LED lighting system, internal filter and an automatic heater. The innovative LED lighting feature combines both day and night illumination. This enhances the colours, growth and enhancement of aquarium fish and live plants.

Available in black and white to suit any home, the AquaEl Leddy 60 Aquarium DAY&NIGHT is easy to set up and is backed by a 2-year guarantee.

What are the features of this freshwater aquarium?

The Leddy aquarium set is equipped with new DAY&NIGHT lighting perfect for planted tanks. The lighting system is incorporated into the hood of this freshwater aquarium. It emits a strong light with a spectrum closely similar to sunlight, enhancing the natural colours of plants and tropical fish. The operating life of the light module is approximately 50,000 hours allowing it to last between 8 to 10 years.

The back of the hood of the AquaEl Leddy 60 aquarium has been integrated with special grooves so that cutouts can easily be achieved for installing an external filter system if this is required at a later date. However, the filter which is supplied with the aquarium is a high quality, powerful ASAP internal filter for crystal clear filtered aquarium water.

The AquaEl 50W heater enclosed ensures your aquarium fish and plant life have the right temperature to thrive as well as optimal living conditions. The ASAP Filter 300 is an efficient filter for small aquariums that offers mechanical and biological filtration. They effectively oxygenate water in a freshwater aquarium by causing a strong movement of the water surface.

Is this aquarium easy to maintain?

Yes, the AquaEl Leddy 60 Aquarium DAY&NIGHT is designed with a SMART OPEN opening system lid. This eliminates hinges and supports and allows all types of maintenance to be performed inside the tank. The lid is also equipped with an exceptionally wide flap for unobstructed fish feeding.

What do I need to buy with an AquaEl Leddy 60 Aquarium DAY&NIGHT?

Although the new Leddy aquarium set comes with a full range of hardware, AquaEl leaves the contents and decoration of the tank up to you allowing you to really get into the aquarium hobby. Whether you want a planted tank with real plants or a decorative aquarium for your fish to explore, we recommend stocking up on aquarium gravel and aquarium decor to create your ultimate aquascape. Aquarium test kits will also determine your water chemistry making your tank safe for your aquarium animals.



Brand AquaEl
Coldwater? Yes
Colour Varies
Dimensions 60x30x30cm
Filter? Yes
Guarantee 2 Year
Heater? Yes
Lighting? Yes
Marine? No
Volume 54l
Other Hardware No
Pump? Yes
Tropical? Yes
Weight 6.9kg


SKU Colour
1911611 White
1911610 Black
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