Swell 60cm Tropical LED Aquarium Kit 54L

A complete aquarium kit for both beginners and experienced hobbyists

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At a glance...
  • 54 litre fish tank suitable for tropical and coldwater fish
  • Includes LED lighting, filter, heater and other essentials
  • Designed for beginners and experienced hobbyists

Wanted a tropical fish tank for my sons birthday and this product had everything needed to get him started. Arrived next day and in great condition. Happy with quality and all easy to use.

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What is this Swell 60cm Tropical LED Aquarium Kit 54L?

The Swell 60cm Tropical LED Aquarium Kit 54L is a complete kit that comes with everything you'll need to set up your first, or tenth, aquarium. With a 54-litre capacity, this fish tank will provide a perfect home for shrimps and many small to medium-sized tropical freshwater fish, like guppies, tetras, danios, corydoras, and several types of dwarf cichlids.

What is included in this Swell 60cm Tropical LED Aquarium Kit 54L?

The Swell 60cm Tropical LED Aquarium Kit 54L is packed with great value equipment. In this bundle are the following items:

  • A Swell 60cm fish tank made of durable, 4mm-thick glass.
  • A 6-Watt LED light that's both powerful and energy-efficient.
  • A Swell 100-Watt aquarium heater with a temperature range between 20-32°C.
  • A Swell internal 800 filter that's more than capable of filtering a 54L aquarium.
  • A Swell 10cm fish net designed for a wide range of fishkeeping tasks.
  • A Swell easy-to-read, stick-on thermometer.
  • A 100ml bottle of Swell aquarium dechlorinator to make your tap water safe
  • A 15g tub of Swell tropical fish flakes that offer your fish a balanced diet.

Is this Swell 60cm Tropical LED Aquarium Kit 54L easy to set up and maintain?

Yes, this Swell 60cm Tropical LED Aquarium Kit 54L is very easy to set up and maintain. Before you set it up, make sure you have a strong, purpose-built stand or cabinet - a fish tank with 54 litres of water in it is deceptively heavy! It's also important that you place your fish tank inside the floating base provided; this is a rectangular, plastic trim that supports your aquarium and prevents leaks.

After that, clear a flat and level space for your aquarium to sit, before then installing your LED light into the hood, the filter and heater on the inside of the aquarium, and the thermometer strip on the outside of the aquarium. Only turn on your filter and heater AFTER you have filled your aquarium with water. If you're adding gravel, sand, decorations or plants, it's easier to do this prior to adding water. Once your Swell 60cm aquarium is up and running it's time to let it cycle - check out our aquarium help guides to learn more about this essential process.

Set up completed, all that's left to worry about is maintenance, which is incredibly simple thanks to the aquarium's easily removable lid. This makes common maintenance tasks like water changes, cleaning and algae scraping not just easy but speedy too, meaning you can spend more time looking at your fish than cleaning up after them.

What else should I buy with this Swell 60cm Tropical LED Aquarium Kit 54L?

The best thing about this Swell 60cm Tropical LED Aquarium Kit 54L is that it comes with everything you'll need to jump into the fishkeeping hobby and get your first fish tank up and running. That said, you may want to add some extras like substrate, plants and aquarium decor to make it look like a real underwater world. It might also be worth stocking up on some fish food and dechlorinator for that time when your supplies from this kit inevitably run out.


Product Specifications

Brand Swell
Dimensions 60 x 29 x 31.2cm
Volume 54L
Tropical? Yes
Coldwater? Yes
Marine? No
Guarantee 1 Year
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