Dennerle Crystal Quartz Gravel Natural White

A natural-looking white gravel for freshwater aquariums

At a glance...
  • Rounded edge protects bottom feeders
  • CO2-resistant
  • Hardness-free and water-neutral
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What is Dennerle Crystal Quartz Gravel Natural White? 

Dennerle Crystal Quartz Gravel Natural White is a natural-looking white gravel which is suitable for your freshwater aquariums. It's able to be used alone, with a plant substrate, or even with other gravel colours to highlight specific areas in aquascaping.

This gravel is guaranteed to be free from pollutants, and the small grain size is perfect for bottom-dwelling fish, as there is less chance dirt will get into the gaps.

This gravel is also available in Diamond Black, Dark Brown and Roe Brown.

Key features:

  • 10kg bag
  • Bright white colour
  • Suitable for all freshwater tanks
  • Can be layered with substrate
  • Doesn’t affect water values
  • Suitable for bottom feeders
  • Lightfast so will not change its colour when exposed to light
  • Resistant to CO2

What are the benefits of this gravel?

It is hardness-free and water-neutral which means it will not change the water values of your tank. The beautiful bright white shade is perfect for a tank with a natural aesthetic, and will compliment any décor whilst adding contrast to make the colours of your aquarium stand out.

Due to its round edges, it will make a perfect addition to any tank with any bottom feeders such as catfish as their sensitive barbells will not be injured.

The 1-2mm grit size benefits the tank as it offers an optimal settlement area for the useful cleaning bacteria.

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