Hugo Kamishi Ludwigia Green

Recreate natural green ludwigia with this silk aquarium plant

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  • Silk green ludwigia decoration for all aquariums
  • Stimulate natural behaviours in fish
  • Available in a range of sizes for all pets to enjoy
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What are Hugo Kamishi Ludwigia Green?

Hugo Kamishi Ludwigia Green is a rich green aquarium plant boasting subtle colour and a distinctive design. One of the most life-like features of the plant is the silk leaves, which will bend and sway with the flow of your aquarium, like real plants. The wide leaves also offer many benefits, such as shade and hiding spots for your fish to explore, while the base prevents floating. We sell these outstanding aquarium plants in a range of available sizes so you can find the perfect plant for your aquascape.

What are the advantages of artificial aquarium plants?

Artificial plants have many benefits over live plants in aquariums. Artificial plants can't die, become too large or be eaten by your aquarium fish. These brilliant plants are completely clean, won't carry parasites and are often much cheaper than real plants. Artificial plants also have no light requirements and won't clog your filter with leaves, so they can sit anywhere in your tank.

Do artificial aquarium plants require any care?

Keeping silk plants is pretty straightforward. If the plants become dirty or covered in algae you can remove them and clean them with some plastic plant cleaner without worrying about damaging the plant or its roots.



Brand Hugo Kamishi
Material Silk and plastic
Colour Green and brown


Product Wattage
1360310 13cm
1360312 20cm
1360314 30cm
1360316 40cm
1360318 50cm
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