Hugo Kamishi Sunset Macranda

Natural red and yellow silk aquarium plants

At a glance...
  • Silk red and yellow macranda decoration for all aquariums
  • Stimulate natural behaviours in fish
  • Available in a range of sizes for all pets to enjoy
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What are the Hugo Kamishi Sunset Macranda?

Hugo Kamishi Sunset Macranda are outstanding artificial aquarium plants made from high-quality silk to look both striking and realistic in your aquascaped aquariums. Each sunset macrandra silk plant has been created from realistic designs for the modern age of artificial aquascaped plants by Hugo Kamishi's talented artists. The plants will seamlessly blend in with aquascaping plants and have an instant effect on the overall look of your aquascaped aquarium. We offer a range of sizes to suit all aquariums and aquascapes so you can find the exact aquarium plant you need and that your fish will love exploring.

What are the advantages of artificial aquarium plants?

There are many benefits to using artificial aquarium plants, unlike live plants you won't have to worry about silk plants dying, becoming too large for your tank or even being eaten by your fish and looking tattered and unattractive. All of the plants are clean and won't carry parasites plus they don't require oxygen, fertilizer and won't clog up the filter with leaves. Silk plants also have no light requirements, as opposed to living plants which often require lighting beyond what the average fish keeper has for their aquarium. 

Do artificial aquarium plants require any care?

Maintaining silk plants is very easy, if they become dirty or covered with algae you can simply remove them from your tank and clean them without worrying about damaging roots.



Colour Red and orange
Material Silk and plastic
Brand Hugo Kamishi


Product Height
1360330 13cm
1360332 20cm
1360334 30cm
1360336 40cm
1360338 50cm
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