Hugo Kamishi Anubias Green

Silk aquarium plants that recreate natural green anubias

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  • Silk green anubias decoration for all aquariums
  • Stimulate natural behaviours in fish
  • Available in a range of sizes for all pets to enjoy
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What are Hugo Kamishi Anubias Green Plants?

Hugo Kamishi Anubias Green Plants are artificial aquarium plants that are designed to sit alongside aquascaping plants. These artificial aquarium plants are made from silk and have been carefully coloured to resemble the colours of real live plants. Artificial aquascaped plants like these are great for fish keepers creating their first aquascaped aquarium that aren't confident in maintaining live plants.

Why should I buy silk plants for my aquarium?

Silk plants offer many benefits over real plants in aquascaped aquariums. Unlike live plants, you'll never have to worry about keeping these plants alive whilst you're maintaining your tank. They won't need to be pruned either and they won't be eaten by fish, leaving them looking messy. Artificial plants have an instant effect and are easy to maintain, you can simply remove them and clean them if they begin to look dirty. Plus, these plants won't clog up the filter with leaves and other bits of debris.

Are there other Hugo Kamishi plants?

Yes, Hugo Kamishi has a large choice of artificial aquascaped plants that will suit even the brightest of aquascaped aquariums in the modern age of fish-keeping. The range includes plants in a variety of colours and sizes so you can create whatever look you want.

What are the differences between the plants in this range?

Each aquascaping aquarium plant in this range features the same great design and a weighted base to prevent the plants floating. The only difference in this range is the height of the plants with the smallest plant being around 13cm tall and the largest coming in at 50cm in height.



Brand Hugo Kamishi
Colour Green


Model Height
1360250 13cm
1360253 20cm
1360256 30cm
1360259 40cm
1360262 50cm
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