Swell Mini Landscape Seiryu Rock 0.8kg-2.7kg

Create striking aquascapes with this seiryu rock

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  • Mini aquarium hardscape rock for all aquarium set ups
  • Unique, light grey and layered aquarium decoration
  • Often used in lwagumi aquascaping
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Whether you're just buying a few for a nano aquascape or fully kitting out a large freshwater tank, these seiryu stones will transform any planted aquarium.

What are Swell Mini Landscape Seiryu Rocks?

Swell Mini Landscape Seiryu Stone is the perfect metamorphic rock for hardscaping your aquarium. This aquascaping rock is suitable for all aquarium types, including planted aquariums and tropical aquariums. It comes in a light grey-white colour with a unique marbling effect throughout. Thanks to their layered appearance and inert nature, landscape rocks, such as true seiryu stone and dragon stone, are the most desirable rocks for aquascapers. Seiryu stones are often used in Iwagumi aquariums and aquascapes.

Swell Mini Landscape Seiryu Rocks are naturally irregular and vary in both shape and size. While they come in pack sizes of 0.8-1.2kg and 2.3-2.7kg, these sizes are approximate. Colours vary and no two pieces are the same, ensuring that your rocks will be unique.

How do I hardscape my aquarium?

When hardscaping, it's all about personal taste and preference. From a few stones to a multilayered rockery, the size of your freshwater tank will dictate how much rock you need. At Swell, we recommend creating a natural look by keeping the type of metamorphic rocks and wood consistent across your aquascape. When working with a smaller aquascape it's worth remembering that the only difference from a large aquascape is the amount of space you have to work with. We recommend using mini landscape rock in a small aquarium to prevent the tank from becoming cluttered.

Heavy rocks, seiryu stone and dragon stone should be cushioned by a deep substrate layer. You can even place angled seiryu stones in particularly deep aquarium substrates. Aquascapes featuring a planted carpet and rocks as the main focus are known as Iwagumi, this has become a popular aquascaping style recently.

What other aquarium decor do I need?

You might want to surround your rock with aquarium plants to soften the rockwork and create an impressive backdrop for your fish. Plants complement aquarium rocks and will naturally recreate alpine scenes when combine with metamorphic rocks. Because the colour of this seiryu stone ranges from light grey to darker grey, minimal effect is had on the overall colours of the aquascape. Combining the stone with aquarium driftwood for a natural aesthetic can also have a dramatic impact and add to your aquascape.

Suitable for All aquarium types
Colour Grey, black
Fish safe Yes
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