Tropica Lava Rock 8cm-15cm

An ornamental and beneficial lava rock for freshwater and marine tanks

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  • Natural lava rock for aquascaping freshwater and marine aquariums
  • Unique pieces varying in size between 8-15cm
  • Safe for all aquatic life
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An outstanding base for a bright and lush aquascape.

What is Tropica Lava Rock?

Tropica Lava Rock is a beautiful porous rock that can be used to both aquascape and hardscape your aquarium. It adds colour and detail to your tank while also creating a dynamic environment for your fish and aquarium inhabitants. Lava rock is trouble-free and simple to maintain, and it is safe for all aquatic life. Tropica Lava Rock is ideal for binding or glueing mosses and plants to it, as well as serving as a natural decoration element in your aquarium. The rock pieces have a size of 8-15 cm.

What are the benefits of lava rock?

Lava Rock is extremely popular in the fishkeeping hobby due to its numerous benefits and the way it stands out in your aquarium. Lava rocks are simple to construct and can be stacked to create hides and caves. Fish like to use the rocks as a shelter and a place to rest.

Tropica Lava Rock has more advantages than just looks. The most significant advantage of using lava rocks in your aquarium is that they provide an ideal living environment for your aquarium plants and fish due to the porous surface that allows beneficial denitrifying bacteria to colonise. This bacteria will improve the quality of your water by reproducing and then removing nitrates. Lava Rocks are also inert and will have no effect on your water parameters.

What other aquarium decor do I need?

Lava rock can be used to decorate your aquarium alongside live aquarium plants to help your fish feel more at ease and at home in their natural environment. Tropica Lava Rock is ideal for binding or glueing mosses and plants to it, or as a natural decoration element in the aquarium.

Do I need to clean my lava rock before adding it to my tank?

Always clean lava rocks before adding them to your aquarium to remove any bacteria that could harm the animals and plants. You can do this by placing them in a bucket of water and cleaning them with a soft-bristled brush. Because of the lava rocks, your water will change colour after a while. But don't worry; this simply means that your rocks are becoming cleaner. Simply pour the coloured water down the drain and fill a new bucket with water. Simply repeat the process until the water changes colour again. The next step is to dry your lava rocks. Simply towel dry them and leave them in the sun for a couple of days.

Size 8-15cm. Lava rocks vary in size. As such, the images are for illustration purposes only.
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