Aquarium Systems Sea Salt Instant Ocean

Restore trace elements and nutrients with marine salt

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  • Instant salt formula to simulate natural seawater
  • Contains every nutrient necessary for marine organisms to develop
  • Available in 3 sizes
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What is Aquarium Systems Sea Salt Instant Ocean?

Aquarium Systems Sea Salt Instant Ocean is a specially manufactured sea salt that has been trusted for over fifty years in the aquatic industry to maintain oceanic conditions for tropical sea fish and delicate marine animals. It is the ideal choice to restore all of the trace elements and nutrients that are depleted by a busy reef aquarium.

The complex blend of important elements within the salt has been carefully formulated and perfectly mixed to create the ideal environment within your fish tank and support healthy, natural processes that build strong, beautiful corals and vibrant life.

Why buy Aquarium Systems Sea Salt Instant Ocean?

Aquarium Systems Sea Salt Instant Ocean has been carefully formulated and doesn't contain nitrites or phosphates, so there's little risk of stubborn algae growths. Instant Ocean has been the aquarist's choice for over 50 years - so you can rely on the natural blend for the best results.

Since its debut on the market, Aquarium Systems Sea Salt Instant Ocean has endured extensive biological testing from the scientific community to perfect the complete formula and ensure aquarium systems prosper by even the most sensitive indicators.

What is the difference between the products in this range?

Aquarium Systems Sea Salt Instant Ocean can be purchased either in a sturdy plastic bucket with a metal handle or in an eco box of 10 x 2kg bags. The separate 2kg bags will keep your Instant Ocean manufactured sea salt extra fresh and dry, in easy-to-use pre-measured portions.

Is Instant Ocean Salt good for a reef tank?

Yes, Instant Ocean salt has been designed by aquarists and reef keepers to contain all of the important elements the marine organisms, such as reef corals, require. The salt contains everything live organisms need from their water and is designed for easy dosage.



Brand Aquarium Systems


Product SKU Weight Package
Instant Ocean 4kg 120ltr 216034 4kg Plastic pack
Instant Ocean 10kg 216028 10kg Plastic pack
Instant Ocean 20kg Bucket 216030 20kg Bucket
Instant Ocean 20kg Box (10x2kg) 218035 20kg 2 x Plastic pack
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