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Aquarium Systems Reef Crystals Salt 4kg-20kg

Enhance your coral reef with this marine salt

At a glance...
  • Sea enriched salt mix for keeping coral reefs healthy
  • Contains a unique blend of calcium, trace elements and vitamins
  • Available in 4 sizes
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Aquarium Systems Reef Crystals contain an unique blend of calcium, essential trace elements and vitamins that are essential for healthy, strong corals. This is ideal for stony corals and coralline algae, as well as anemones and invertebrates.

Reef life quickly depletes nutrients from the water, so it is essential to replenish these levels for beautiful growth. Reef Crystals also contain a metal detoxifier to cleanse the water of heavy metals, such as copper, that can be toxic to fish and other reef life.

Aquarium Systems Reef Crystals have been developed for use in refined reef tanks and are one of the first ever enriched sea salt formulations available to the consumer market.

Reef Crystals can be purchased either in a sturdy plastic bucket with a metal handle or in an eco box of 10 x 2kg bags. The separate 2kg bags will keep your Reef Crystals extra fresh and dry, in easy to use pre-measured portions.



Brand Aquarium Systems


Model Weight
211192 4kg
216029 10kg
216031 20kg
218036 20kg (10 x 2kg)
216031PROMO 20kg + 5kg free
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