Aquarium Systems Reef Crystals Salt 4kg-20kg

Enhance your coral reef with this marine salt

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  • Sea enriched salt mix for keeping coral reefs healthy
  • Contains a unique blend of calcium, trace elements and vitamins
  • Available in 4 sizes
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What is Aquarium Systems Reef Crystals Salt?

Aquarium Systems Reef Crystals salt is a sea salt mix created from enriched seawater that offers many benefits to reef organisms. It contains a blend of calcium, essential trace elements, additional vitamins and a neutraliser which all work together to mimic natural seawater, ideal for growing healthy, strong corals. The additional calcium aids in skeletal structure development and is particularly good for stony corals and coralline algae.

Why do I need salt for my reef aquarium?

An aquarium containing animals and reef life quickly depletes nutrients from the water, so it is essential to replenish these levels for growth. To maintain water quality, reef aquarium enthusiasts must mix salt into their purified water that contains additional trace elements. Reef Crystals sea salt is perfect for this and will keep refined reef tanks looking their best with regular top-ups. 

What's the difference between the products in this range?

Aquarium Systems Reef Crystals Salt comes in a lot of different sizes to suit a wide variety of aquariums. You can use our marine salt calculator to work out exactly how much salt you will need to help decide which pack is best for you. All packs come with guaranteed uniform consistency so you can be certain you're adding just the right amount of everything.



Brand Aquarium Systems


Model Weight
211192 4kg
216029 10kg
216031 20kg
218036 20kg (10 x 2kg)
216031PROMO 20kg + 5kg free
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