Red Sea Coral Pro Salt

Marine salt for corals, coralline algae and invertebrates

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  • Salt consists of natural sea minerals, buffers and calcium
  • Ideal for mixed reef and SPS frags
  • Contains higher dose of calcium and buffer qualities
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I have been using Swell for years for my reefing needs and I am very happy with the service I have received.

What is Red Sea Coral Pro Salt?

Coral Pro Salt is a sea coral pro salt that has been formulated to encourage accelerated coral growth and enable sustainable coral growth. The coral pro salt is made up of natural sea minerals, buffers and calcium and has been created for use with mineral-free, reverse osmosis water or for areas with soft tap water. This formula is derived from the natural reef environment and supports every aspect of the coral's biological processes, from robust aragonite coral skeleton formation to the digestion of the algae natural seawater includes.

What does Red Sea Coral Pro Salt contain?

The formula has been created according to the latest research into the needs of coral within reef aquariums. It helps to provide ideal conditions for the accelerated growth of strong, mixed reefs. The chemically balanced blend is even suitable for the most sensitive coral formations and marine life including invertebrates as it mimics the ideal natural sea levels of key foundation elements.

Being both nitrate and phosphate-free, algae problems need not be a concern. Coral Pro Salt is also free of any heavy metals and chemical binders, so will not leach any pollutants into the water. At its core, Red Sea Coral Pro Salt has the overall chemical stability needed to offer a healthy and stable home that promotes coral vitality.

What is the new Red Sea Coral Pro Salt formula?

Coral Pro Salt is now made with a new formula that features an Alk level of 12dKH. This formula has a higher level of balanced foundation elements and encourages growth up to four times the natural rate.



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