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  • Compact aquarium pumps with a range of flow rates
  • Low power consumption
  • Suitable for freshwater and for marine water aquariums
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What are Eheim CompactON Pumps?

The Eheim CompactON is the compact and yet powerful aquarium pump that is easy to conceal and suitable for many different applications. These near-silent Eheim CompactOn pumps have become popular for powering aquarium sumps in large systems. The capacity of each powerful and silent Eheim CompactON aquarium pump is adjustable and can be set to suit a wide variety of applications.

What features do Eheim CompactON pumps have?

The powerful aquarium pump can be easily concealed inside of an aquarium or fixed to the glass of the tank with the included robust suction cups. With the help of the included accessory bag, appropriate for versatile use, the Eheim CompactON can be outfitted for any situation.

A special suction basket grill is fitted to the front of the pump to protect fish and other aquarium inhabitants from the high-performance pump. The pumps run very quietly, use little electricity and are suitable for both fresh and salt water.

What are the differences in the Eheim CompactOn Pumps range?

We sell three Eheim CompactOn Aquarium Pumps at Swell UK; the CompactON 300, the CompactON 600 and the CompactON 1000. As you go up through the range from the Eheim CompactON 300 to the Eheim CompactON 1000, the Wattage, flowrate, pumping head height, dimensions and outlet size all increase. Essentially, the higher the pump power, the larger it is.

While the flow rate is adjustable on each pump we recommend only using the 300 in small and medium aquariums and only using the 1000 in large aquariums.



Brand Eheim
Guarantee 3 years


Product SKU Wattage Flowrate (min-max) Pumping Height Dimensions Outlet
CompactON 300 1000340 7W 170lph - 300lph 0.6m 72mm x 38mm x 62mm 12/16mm
CompactON 600 1001340 7W 250lph - 600lph 1m 72mm x 38mm x 62mm 12/16mm
CompactON 1000 1002340 15W 400lph - 1000lph 1.4m 79mm x 47mm x 73mm 16/22mm
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