Eheim CompactON Pumps (2100,3000,5000)

Help power your filtration systems in your aquarium

At a glance...
  • Aquarium pumps with a 3-year guarantee
  • Can be used externally or internally
  • Suitable for freshwater or marine aquariums
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Eheim CompactON Aquarium Pumps are suitable for Freshwater or Marine aquariums and can be used inside and outside of the aquarium. The plus stands for additional power and performance (up to 5000 l/h) and an extra plus point is that the pump can be used wet or dry.

These plus points mean that the pump is suitable for a variety of applications - for larger or smaller aquariums. The output can be adjusted as required. A replaceable coarse filter traps dirt particles and also the quiet running, the low energy consumption, as well as its suitability for fresh and salt water, are important plus points.

There are 3 models with adjustable pump output up to 2100, 3000 and 5000 l/h.

Key Points:

  • Can be used internally, in both fresh and marine tanks
  • Can be used outside water (hose adaptors supplied)
  • Adjustable outlet
  • Delivery head up to 3.6 metres
  • Mounting brackets included
  • Three Year Eheim warranty
Product CompactON 2100 technical CompactON 3000 technical CompactON 5000 technical
Wattage 38W 55W 70W
Flow rate 1400lph - 2100lph 1800lph - 3000lph 5000lph
Pumping height 2.4m 2.7m 3.6m
Dimensions L:142 x W:70 x H:109mm L:142 x W:70 x H:109mm L:154 x W:92 x H:142mm
Guarantee 3 years 3 years 3 years
Hose size 19/27mm or 25/34mm sized Eheim pipe 19/27mm or 25/34mm sized Eheim pipe 25/34mm
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