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  • Tubing to ensure a safe, secure connection within your aquarium
  • Made from soft, phenol-free material
  • Available in three sizes per running metre
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Great product, easy to cut and delivery was quick. The only reason I replaced the tubing was to change aquarium setups - the tubing was a perfect fit for my filter.

What is Eheim Tubing?

Tough and durable, Eheim Tubing provides a safe connection to Eheim external filters and other hose accessories. This flexible tubing can be used with a wide range of Eheim external filters and hose accessories, such as Eheim shut-off taps and hose connectors. These hose accessories offer everything you need to create the perfect hose system for your aquarium.

Available in three sizes, 12-16mm, 16-22mm, and 19-27mm, this aquarium hose is sold by the metre so you can order whatever length you require. We recommend buying slightly more, in case of any measuring mix-ups.

What are the features of this external filter hose?

Soft and flexible, Eheim Tubing can be warmed up to create a secure fit with a variety of pipes and fittings. Eheim external filter hose also tends to remain softer for longer than other types of filter hose.

Compared to a thinner aquarium external filter hose, it’s thicker and stronger. Another advantage of this hose is the fact that the hose size is printed on the tube, so if you need to replace it, you can easily identify the size you previously purchased. Furthermore, the green colour allows you to see blockages and water flow through the hose.



Brand Eheim
Suitable for freshwater tanks Yes
Suitable for marine tanks Yes
Colour Green


Product 12-16mm Tubing (per metre up to 50m) 16-22mm Tubing (per metre up to 30m) 19-27mm Tubing (per metre up to 25m)
Size ø:12-16mm ø:16-22mm ø:19-27mm
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