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  • Replicate natural sea levels within your reef aquarium
  • Includes biologically balanced levels of foundation elements
  • Available in three sizes
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What is the brand-new formula Red Sea Salt?

New Red Sea Salt formula features a slightly elevated alkalinity with an Alk level of 8dKH which maximises pigment saturation to bring out the best in your corals, enhancing colour and increasing growth to twice the natural rate for sustainable coral growth in a closed marine system while supporting your coral's biological processes and coral vitality.

Red Sea Salt comes in Red Sea Salt 7kg, 20kg and 22kg packs and is designed exclusively for use with RO water as it contains all of the necessary trace elements natural seawater includes that are removed during the Reverse Osmosis process to generate a natural reef environment. It is ideal for fish and invertebrate systems or for low-nutrient tanks where the hobbyist supplements all of the individual elements on a regular basis.

Corals, coralline algae and other calcareous formations quickly drain the water of the nutrients it needs to build a healthy, robust aragonite coral skeleton. Red Sea Salt will restore the vital elements and vitamins quickly and easily, at the optimum level for the best outcome.

It is developed to replicate and provide just the right mixture for tropical reef water, and also provides just the right pH balance for beautifully healthy fish and invertebrates.

22 kg. (48.5 lb.) Bucket / Water volume: 660 litres (175 gal).

What are the key features of Red Sea Salt?

  • Biologically balanced levels of foundation elements to enable sustainable coral growth.
  • A full complement of trace elements to replicate natural seawater.
  • Guaranteed parameters for 10L / 2.5gal mix.
  • No Nitrates or Phosphates (Algae Nutrients).
  • No toxic levels of heavy metals.
  • No Chemical Binders.
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