Fluval Bio-CO2 Pro

A safe and effective way to introduce CO2 to your aquarium

At a glance...
  • Safe and easy-to-use low-pressure CO2 system
  • Top quality steel construction, both stylish and durable
  • Comes with adjustable bubble counter, diffuser, and more

What is this Bio-CO2 Pro from Fluval?

This Bio-CO2 Pro is a low-pressure CO2 (carbon dioxide) system made by industry experts Fluval. It combines the safety of biological CO2 production with the convenience of pressurised delivery. It's easy to use and delivers a reliable and controllable amount of CO2 that's created by a natural fermentation process.

These easy-to-use CO2 systems from Fluval are available in two sizes - a smaller model suitable for aquariums up to 125L, and a larger model suitable for aquariums up to 250L. Both of these models come complete with an adjustable bubble counter, diffuser, activator agents, and everything else you'll need to get a CO2 system up and running on your aquarium.

With safe, low-pressure operation, it is the most secure, simple, and environmentally-friendly aquarium CO2 delivery system available.

Key Features:

  • Simple system - allows both new and experienced hobbyists to get the most out of CO2 and grow lush and vibrant aquatic plants.
  • Safe, low-pressure operation - CO2 system has a max pressure of 1.3 bar / 19 psi, making it safer than traditional high-pressure systems (55-80 bar / 800-1100 psi).
  • 30 days of CO2 - reagents (sugar and yeast) produce a constant and reliable stream of CO2 through a natural fermentation process.
  • Easy to refill - instead of refilling high-pressure cylinders, CO2 system takes refill packs that are affordable and deliver reagents in small sachets.
  • High-quality construction - CO2 system is made of durable stainless steel with 100% silicone gaskets to prevent CO2 escaping.

How does this Bio-CO2 Pro work?

Unlike traditional high-pressure systems, this Bio-CO2 system gets its supply of CO2 from the natural fermentation process that happens when the activator agent (yeast), booster tablet, some sugar (not included), and tap water are mixed in the system's reaction chamber. This fermentation process produces a constant and reliable stream of CO2 for up to 30 days.

From the reaction chamber, CO2 rises and makes its way through the system's regulator valve and adjustable bubble counter. It then passes through the airline, into the aquarium, and out of the nano bubble diffuser.

As these bubbles of CO2 are released from the diffuser, they're picked up by the flow of water from your filter and dispersed throughout the aquarium, where they're finally absorbed by your plants. A constant and reliable stream of CO2 in your aquarium can dramatically enhance the growth, colour, and health of your plants.

How do I set up this Bio-CO2 Pro?

This Bio-CO2 Pro is incredibly easy to set up, provided you follow these steps:

    • Unscrew the reaction chambers lid and remove all the additional components.
    • Screw the bubble counter onto the regulator valve on top of the reaction chamber's lid.
    • Attach one end of the airline provided to the top of the bubble counter, using the locking nut to ensure a secure connection.
    • Attach the other end of the airline to the nano bubble diffuser and then place this inside your aquarium, making sure to wet the suction cups prior to installation.
    • Add activator yeast, booster tablet, sugar (not included) and tap water to the reaction chamber.
    • Quickly screw the reaction chamber's lid back on to stop CO2 from escaping.
    • Turn the dial on the regulator valve to adjust the amount of CO2 entering your aquarium.
    • The bubble counter will give you a visual indication of how much CO2 is entering your aquarium -  more bubbles = more CO2.
    • If you've followed these steps, you should see a fine stream of bubbles start to rise from the nano bubble diffuser inside your aquarium.

Please Note: It can take a minute or two for CO2 to work its way through the CO2 system after set-up. It's also recommended that you add tap water with a temperature between 27-30°C for best results.

Whats included with this Bio-CO2 Pro?

This Fluval Bio-CO2 Pro comes with everything youll need to set up a complete CO2 system for your planted aquarium. The following items come included:

      • Stainless-steel reaction chamber
      • Adjustable bubble counter with precision regulator
      • Nano bubble diffuser
      • Pressure release valve
      • Inline check valve
      • 2x silicone gasket
      • Airline with gas barrier (5ft / 1.5m)
      • Activator packet x1
      • Booster packet x1

Why is CO2 important for a planted aquarium?

Not all aquariums require CO2, but for those packed with live plants, CO2 can dramatically enhance the growth rates, colours, and health of said plants. Some aquatic plants need a constant supply of CO2 to grow, without it they'll struggle to establish themselves in a home aquarium.

To get the most out of your Bio-CO2 Pro, use it in partnership with a high-quality light and some nutritious plant fertiliser. This will give your plants everything they need, and then some.

It's recommended that you keep CO2 levels low in the first few days after set-up. You can increase CO2 levels over time as your aquarium and its inhabitants adjust to an increased influx of CO2.



Product Recommended Bubble Count CO2 Output (Monthly) Activator Sachets/Boost Tablets Required (Monthly) Suitable For Not Suitable For
Bio-CO2 Pro 125L 12 bubbles per min 90g / 46L 1 of each Planted freshwater aquariums Marine saltwater aquariums
Bio-CO2 Pro 250L 24 bubbles per min 180g / 92L 2 of each Planted freshwater aquariums Marine saltwater aquariums
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