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Tropica Eriocaulon cinereum 1-2-Grow!

Spikey Ashy pipewort live aquarium plant

At a glance...
  • Spikey live Eriocaulon plant for freshwater aquariums
  • Easy to grow with a slow growth rate
  • Pre-portioned 2-3cm plants
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The genus Eriocaulon is usually adapted to soft water. Eriocaulon cinereum's common name is Ashy pipewort and it is more tolerant than most, thriving in medium-hard water. Soft water will promote overall health. This is a quite small, very narrow-leaved and almost cushion-growing plant, that demands a good supply of light and CO2 to develop. The plant usually flowers very willingly after planting in the aquarium and the numerous flower stems give a unique appearance. Flowering easily drains the energy of the plant, but given the right conditions, it will gather new energy and grow from basis after some time.

Key Features:

  • Considered easy to grow
  • Slow growth rates
  • Average height growth 3-10cm+
  • Has a low high demand of 0.5W/L+
  • High CO2 demand 15-25mg/L
Common name Ashy pipewort
Type Rosulate
Growth rate Slow
Origin Cosmopolitan
Height 3-10cm+
Light demand High - 0.5W/L
CO2 demand High - 15-25 mg/L
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