Tropica Marsilea crenata 1-2-Grow!

Water clover fern carpeting live aquarium plant

At a glance...
  • Small carpeting Marsilea plant for freshwater aquariums
  • Medium difficulty to grow with carpeting growth
  • Pre-portioned 2-3cm plants
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The Marsilea crenata is known by its common name Water clover fern and comes from Asia, where it often grows in rice fields. The leaves are tiny and rarely wider than 0.5 cm.
A hardy plant that tolerates poor light conditions and high temperatures. However, improved conditions are beneficial to its development. Planted in small bundles that spread with offshoots. Creates a 1-3cm high and close carpet, well anchored in the bottom layer.

Key Features:

  • Considered medium difficulty to grow
  • One of the smallest carpeting plants
  • Bright pale green colours
  • Tolerates high temperatures
  • Reaches heights of 3-10cm+
  • Medium light demand of 0.5W/L
  • Low CO2 demand of 0-5mg/L

Common name Water clover fern
Type Carpeting
Growth rate Medium
Origin Asia
Height 3-5cm+
Light demand Medium - 0.5W/L
CO2 demand Low - 0-5 mg/L
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