API Freshwater Master Test Kit

A leading freshwater aquarium master test kit

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  • Freshwater master test kit
  • Tests ammonia, pH, high range pH, nitrite and nitrate
  • Fast, easy and effective
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What is an API freshwater master test kit?

The API freshwater master test kit is a complete set of chemical tests to accurately measure the key chemical indicators within your freshwater aquarium. Aquarium water can quickly change or deteriorate when it isn't managed and monitored so these tests are key to help you protect your freshwater fish.

The kit has been designed by API to give professional results with scientific accuracy and aid you in maintaining the correct water quality without the need for intense chemistry knowledge. Within the kit, you will receive four glass test tubes, 800 tests, 7 test solutions, a colour card and a set of simple instructions. Although the kit doesn't come with a test tube rack, the tubes are free-standing and shouldn't need the support of a rack.

What does this API Master Kit test for?

The API Master Test Kit includes test solutions for:

  • pH - The measure of the acidity within your aquarium water.
  • High range pH - The measure of the alkalinity of your aquarium water.
  • Ammonia - A common toxin produced when fish waste and organic matter accumulate.
  • Nitrite - A common toxin produced when fish waste and organic matter accumulate.
  • Nitrate - A common toxin produced when fish waste and organic matter accumulate.

Are API test kits accurate?

All of API's tests are computer calibrated to offer incredibly accurate results. Whichever test strip you use, from the ammonia test to the pH test, you can be confident that the results you are getting are highly accurate.



Brand API
Contents 800 tests, 7 test solutions, instructions, 4 test tubes and a colour chart
Tests for pH, high-range pH, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate
Suitable for Freshwater aquaria
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