AquaEl HyperMax 4500

A powerful external canister filter suitable for tanks up to 1,500L

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  • 4,500l/h pump capacity with 16l of media volume
  • Built-in control panel with error signalling
  • Suitable for marine and freshwater aquariums between 200-1,500l
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What is this HyperMax 4500 from AquaEl?

This HyperMax 4500 is a state-of-the-art external canister filter from industry experts, AquaEl. It's their biggest and most powerful filter yet, with a huge media volume of 16l and an energy-efficient pump capable of pumping 4,500l/h.

This HyperMax 4500 is a big filter, and one that has been specially designed for large fish tanks up to 1,500l, but it's far from a specialised piece of equipment. Thanks to its user-friendly control panel, intuitive design and suitability for aquariums right down to 200l, it's a great external canister filter for both beginner aquarists and experienced hobbyists.

What are the main features of this AquaEl HyperMax 4500?

This AquaEl HyperMax 4500 is packed with incredible features, such as the following:

  • 16l media volume - largest capacity for filtration media amongst premium-class filters
  • 2x inlet, 2x outlet - eliminates dead zones inside your aquarium and keeps water clean and crystal clear
  • 4,500l/h pump - most powerful pump on the market with efficient energy consumption between 18-36w
  • Built-in control panel - allows for easy set up and simple, 10-step adjustment of filter capacity
  • Automatic error signalling - in case of pump rotor blockage, sound and LED signal is triggered
  • Virtually silent operation - rated between 24-44dB, automatic venting system also keeps sound low
  • Integrated pre-filter - easy to remove and simple to clean, reducing number of cleaning/maintenance sessions
  • Double ball valve system - closes the filters inlet and outlet in the lid to block uncontrolled escape of water
  • Self-priming system - 2-4 pumps on the filter's built-in plunger will prime your filter with water, getting it up and running in no time

Is this AquaEl HyperMax 4500 easy to set up and maintain?

This AquaEl HyperMax 4500 is incredibly easy to set up and maintain. It has been designed with both beginner aquarists and experienced hobbyists in mind, blending intuitive, easy-to-use features with components that pack a serious punch, like the 4,500l/h pump.

Set-Up Step 1

To set up your filter, start by opening the clips located on the front, back and sides of the filter. Take off the lid and remove the filter motor cover and four filter baskets. Make sure these baskets are filled with media - we recommend that you place coarse sponge (provided) in the bottom basket, finer sponges in the middle baskets, and biological media (not provided) in the top basket. Do not fill the filter motor cover with media, this will prevent proper filter function.

Set-Up Step 2

Once your filter is filled with media, you can re-attach the lid and push the double ball valves into their corresponding slots on top of the lid - red valves are outlet valves and blue valves are inlet valves. That done, you can start to prepare your hoses, cutting them to size if necessary.

Set-Up Step 3

Attach your inlet and outlet overflow tubes to one end of these hoses and the other end to the double ball valves on the lid of your filter, making sure to thread the hoses onto the spigots and securing the connection with the locking nut. Then, attach the inlet strainers and output spouts to the corresponding overflow tubes and place them inside your aquarium, using the suction cups provided to keep everything locked down.

Set-Up Step 4

All that done, its time to prime your filter. Just make several firm pull-push motions with the plunger built into the filter's lid to fill your system with water. Finally, plug your filter in and then press the 'on' button on the control panel. You can adjust the flow rate of your filter by pressing the plus and minus buttons on this control panel.

Cleaning & Maintenance

After set-up, all that's left to worry about is keeping your filter clean. This is made easy thanks to the filter's built-in pre-filter that is both quick to remove and rinse off. For a deeper clean, take off the filter's lid and remove your filter baskets. These can then be rinsed off with dechlorinated water or filled with fresh media. Make sure that you turn your filter off before you clean it or perform any maintenance tasks!

What does a filter do? And what kind of filter do I need for my fish tank?

A filter is an essential piece of equipment for all aquariums. They do a lot of the heavy lifting in your underwater ecosystem, removing waste from your water column while also providing a home for a large colony of beneficial bacteria. This bacteria breaks down the waste picked up by the filter and, in doing so, keeps your water clean.

There are many types of filters, and they all work in slightly different ways. This HyperMax 4500 from AquaEl is an external canister filter that works by pumping water out of your aquarium, through a high-volume system packed mechanical and biological media, and then back into your aquarium. These kinds of filters are suitable for medium to large-sized aquariums with big bio loads. If you have a small fish tank, then a compact internal filter may be a more suitable choice.

What comes included with this AquaEl HyperMax 4500?

  • 4x flexible hoses
  • 4x elbow pipes
  • 2x spray bars
  • 2x outlet spouts
  • 2x inlet strainers
  • 4x overflow pipes
  • 2x inlet, 2x outlet double ball valves
  • 1x pre-filter cartridge
  • 4x filter baskets - 2 come empty for you to fill with your media of choice
  • 20 PPI sponge cartridge
  • 30 PPI sponge cartridge
  • 16l filter unit with lid and built-in control panel

Product Specifications

Product Aquarium Capacity Suitable For Pump Power & Capacity Maximum Lift Filter Baskets
AquaEl HyperMax 4500 200-1,500l Freshwater and Marine 18-36w, 4,500l/h 2m (6.56ft) 4
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