Eheim Professional 5e

A smart and innovative aquarium filter

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  • An internal filter for aquariums of all types
  • Wireless smartphone control
  • A range of models to suit all aquarium setups
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The Eheim professionel 5e is considered one of the best external filters to date, offering everything an aquarium enthusiast could wish for. Each function can be individually programmed and controlled wirelessly. The electronic system monitors all functions and keeps the flow constant as well as delivering strong performance due to the large filter volume. The clever design and the regulation of the electronic flow extend the maintenance intervals for the biological filter material considerably and, in addition, there is the acclaimed smooth EHEIM performance. The skilled workmanship, the high quality materials and the renowned "Made in Germany" reliability, combined with the 3 year warranty, leave nothing to be desired.

The Eheim professionel 5e was developed for aquarium enthusiasts with very high demands for ease of use and quality. It combines powerful pump performance and a large canister and filter volume with clever design advantages and intelligent electronic control. With the integrated Wifi function, it can easily be configured wirelessly via smartphone, tablet or PC/MAC. The individual functions are: constant flow, bio mode, pulse mode and manual mode. In addition, the professionel 5e can be linked with other devices - e.g. with the LEDcontrol+ lighting control system.

There are four filter versions available, including a thermofilter (600T) with integrated heater, developed for aquariums ranging from 180 to 700 litres, In addition, the professionel 5e 350 offers two special advantages: It is fully equipped with filter media and you can extend the filter function (Xtender).

Key Features:

  • Highend technology for the most demanding criteria
  • Electronic professional filter with integrated Wifi function and wireless control via smartphone, tablet or PC/MAC
  • No extra app is required for control
  • Individual program settings: Constant flow, bio mode, pulse mode and manual mode
  • Linking with other devices possible (e.g. lighting control LEDcontrol+)
  • Constant monitoring of the maintenance interval; cleaning instructions are automatically sent to the stored e-mail address
  • Permanent electronic system monitoring (including automatic air removal; fault elimination)
  • Wifi function can be deactivated after configuration
  • Large prefilter easily accessible (directly under the pump head) for quick removal of mechanical contamination without having to disturb the sensitive bio-filter material
  • Large canister and filter volume
  • The filter canister fills quickly due to the integrated suction aid
  • Highquality wear-free ceramic axle and bearings guarantee quiet performance
  • Safety hose adapter with easy-to-operate locking device; the adapter can only be released when the hose valves are closed
  • Large safety closure clips for a tight and safe connection between the pump head and filter canister
  • Easy Clean - easy and safe cleaning of the filter media with the help of the cleaning cover
  • Comes with installation accessories
  • Suitable for fresh and marine water (except thermofilter - for freshwater only)

The individual settings and functions are as follows:


Output control:
Gradual increase of the water flow rate - the maximum capacity exceeds the performance of conventional filters.

Constant flow:
Increased pollution in the filter is electronically detected and automatically adjusted to your programmed output. This guarantees a constant flow rate and extended maintenance intervals.

Pulse mode:
The electronically controlled alternating current ensures natural flow conditions in the aquarium.

Bio modus (sun/moon):
Changes between 2 adjustable flow rates.

Service indicator:
Constant monitoring of the maintenance interval. Cleaning notification is automatically sent to a stored e-mail address.

Auto air out:
Accumulated air under the filter head are detected and automatically discharged by an electronic program.

Electronic error indicator:
Permanent electronic system monitoring. This starts a program that automatically attempts to eliminate the cause of any errors.

Wifi off:
Optionally, the integrated Wifi function can be deactivated after each configuration. The filter can still be operated without Wifi. To use the functions again, the Wifi function must be reactivated.

Product Professionel 5e 350 Professionel 5e 450 Professionel 5e 700 Professionel 5e 600T
Tank Size 180 - 350L 240 - 450L 300 - 700L 240 - 450L
Flow Rate 1500LPH 1700LPH 1850LPH 1850LPH
Filter Volume 4.5L 6L 8L 8L
Pre Filter Volume 0.5L 0.6L 0.6L 0.6L
Container Volume 7.4L 12.5L 14.2L 14.2L
Voltage 230v 230v 230v 230v
Power Consumption 10-35W 10-35W 10-35W 10-35W
Delivery Head 2.2m 2.4m 2.6m 2.6m
Dimensions 238x398x244mm 264x474x264mm 264x534x264mm 264x534x264mm
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