Swell Aquarium Ammonia Remover

Rapidly reduces ammonia levels in your aquarium

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  • Removes ammonia while being safe for your fish and crustaceans
  • Designed for use in freshwater aquariums
  • Removes pollutants and makes the aquarium safe for the inhabitants
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What is Ammonia and why should it be removed?

Toxic pollutants such as ammonia can be caused by many things like the breakdown of organic substances, too many fish in an aquarium, the use of medicines, and poor maintenance. Ammonia can be converted into something called nitrite by bacteria called Nitrosomonas. The amount of ammonia in an aquarium should not be more than 0.02 mg/l. 

How does the Swell Aquarium Ammonia Remover benefit your fish?

  • Converts ammonia into a safe and non-toxic product that is then easily removed by the filter
  • Completely safe for all aquarium inhabitants, including invertebrates
  • Use this treatment alongside ammonia test kits to ensure you eliminate the ammonia as quick as possible

How do I use this treatment?

To use it, shake it well and add 20ml for every 100l of water every day until the problem is fixed. Check the ammonia levels every day using a commercially available test until the levels are good. Change the water in the aquarium by at least 25% after using this product and use Swell Aquarium Dechlorinator and Swell Aquarium Biological Starter in the maintenance dose. Always check the ammonia levels in your aquarium at least once a week.

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