Swell Aquarium Nitrate Remover

Maintains optimum nitrate levels in your aquarium

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  • Increases amount of anaerobic bacteria which prevents algae growth
  • Suitable for use in freshwater aquariums
  • Reduces stress levels and help prevent against the risk of diseases
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What is Nitrate and how does it affect your fish?

Nitrate (NO3) can be good for your aquarium as the presence of nitrate is a sign that the tank is functioning properly and that the filter has 'matured', Nitrate levels should be around 20-30mg/L at a maximum, anything above this could be incredibly detrimental for your fish

Long-exposure to high levels of nitrate will negatively affect for fish and increase their stress levels, the resulting stress means that your fish has an increased risk of diseases and will stunt their growth. An increase to the nitrate levels will also mean a decrease in oxygen levels which can further stress your fish.

How does the Swell Aquarium Nitrate Remover help your tank?

The Swell Aquarium Nitrate Remover encourages the growth on anaerobic bacteria which will convert the nitrate into nitrogen gas which can be absorbed by the filter media or can be consumed by any live aquatic plants you may have. The Nitrate Remover will also help the tank as it prevents the growth of algae, and an increased amount of algae will lead to a depletion of oxygen meaning that the fish will become stressed and it will have a negative affect on their health.

This 250ml bottle of Swell Aquarium Nitrate Remover treats 2,500l of water. This equates to 10ml of nitrate remover per 100l of aquarium water. Be sure to dose this nitrate remover accordingly. One capful is equal to 5ml.

What else can be done to reduce the nitrate levels in your tank?

  • Perform water changes of around 10-15% around twice a month, using Swell Aquarium Dechlorinator and Swell Aquarium Biological Starter
  • Clean the filter using aquarium water around once a week
  • Clean the gravel using a syphon around once a month
  • Provide your fish with the correct amount of food, enough that can be eaten within a few minutes and take care not to overfeed them
  • Perform nitrate tests regularly and use Swell Aquarium Nitrate Remover when the nitrate levels start to rise

Dosing Guidelines

Tank Size Dose
100l 1ml
200l 2ml
300l 3ml
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