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  • Effectively detoxifies ammonia
  • Eliminates fish stress and promotes healthy gill function
  • For use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums
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API Ammo Lock has been designed for use in Freshwater and Saltwater aquariums for the removal of chlorine and chloramines, aswell as to detoxify ammonia. It also helps to promote healthy gill function and helps to reduce fish stress.

Ammo Lock breaks down ammonia to the point that it can be eliminated by your tank's natural biological filter. The treatment locks the ammonia up in a non toxic form to prevent it from causing damage whilst it is being broken down and removed.

Ammonia can be fatal to fish, so it's a good idea to keep an eye on the levels within your tank. Using an ammonia test kit makes it quick and easy to ensure your aquarium and it's inhabitants are happy and healthy.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for both freshwater and marine aquariums
  • Effectively detoxifies ammonia
  • Removes chlorine and chloramines
  • Eliminates fish stress and promotes healthy gill function
  • Recommended to use every water change


  • 10ml per 38 litres (8.4 gallons)
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